Anita Iowa Local Artist Showcase

Supporting Local Artists from Local Communities

This site is dedicated to the love of the arts. Whether that be photography, sculpting, music, or painting. There are some very talented artists among each community. Helping them shine brightly has always been a passion of mine. Whatever the medium, they have the gifts that do set them apart. And they need our support. This is my online Gallery. This is meant to bring their works to the public, near and far. No self promotion here. These artists deserve their time in the spot light. So that is what I am doing.


This man, Peter Heinermann, has a passion for photography. He has a keen eye to capture composition, lighting, and subject. He comes from Calgary, Alberta but currently resides in Edmonton. Here is a sampling of some of his work. If you are interested in viewing his complete portfolio, please contact me. He does produce prints for order or prints to canvas, if anyone is interested in supporting his work. Please feel free to contact me and I will provide him your information. He has requested privacy, and as such, requested I not publish his contact information on the site.

Thank you for your continued support. Without you, many of these artists would not be seen.

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